MCN Farm Fresh supplies superior quality meat, fruits and vegetables so that our consumers enjoy delicious, healthy and nutritious food. Our objective is to keep both people and the environment healthy through eco-friendly farming processes.


Consistent high quality meat derived from superior pure breeds in combination with cross breeds.


Raised on pasture with seasonal grass
High quality, 100% vegetarian diet of grass, legumes and grains
Raised without hormones or antibiotics
Halal only



Choicest goat breeds picked for the most delectable meat. All our animals are raised under utmost care with cutting edge breeding and farm management practices.

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Fresh and hygienically packed seafood sourced directly from the sea shores of the best facilities in the country. Processed and sold to provide excellent taste and texture.

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A vital source of meat alongside chicken and duck. Highly specific pure breeds are used in combination with cross breeds to provide high quality meat.

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Chinese vegetables

Exotic, flavourful and nutritious Chinese Vegetables like bok choy, leeks, asparagus, celery and many more varieties.

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English vegetables

Delectable varieties of British vegetables like squashes, beetroots, broccoli, cauliflower and more.

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Rich and delicious selection of highly sought after fruit varieties that can enhance salads, fruit concentrates, preserves and more sourced from Kashmir and abroad.

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Discover rich natural flavours with premium grade, pesticide-free vegetable produce. Maximize your health benefits with the high nutritional value of our vegetables.


MCN Farm Fresh supplies crunchy, fresh and delicious Chinese vegetables straight from our farms at Ooty. These leafy vegetables add flavour to food and are packed with a wealth of nutrients.


MCN Farm Fresh lets you reap the abundant benefits of organic turkey meat. All turkeys are raised on a high quality protein-rich diet that is completely free from animal by-products or synthetic substances.


MCN Farm Fresh sources popular English Vegetables which suit the palate of the Indian consumer. Our selection of seasonal vegetables are grown in the cool climatic conditions of Ooty.


MCN Farm Fresh was founded with an aim to provide seafood importers with end-to-end services to ensure worry free buying. The Farm Fresh team ensures boundless choices for our buyers by covering all the seafood processing factories on Eastern and Western coasts of India for quality inspection and container stuffing

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Caring for Goats

Feed with high quality feed like grains, greens, hay, supplements etc,Feed maintained under hygienic conditions to prevent contamination,NO antibiotics, synthetic amino acids, hormones, by-products of animal slaughter and synthetic additives are given to livestock...

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Feeding Turkeys

100% natural feed such as grains, concentrates, greens and non-synthetic supplements, that constitute a balanced diet are used, NO antibiotics, synthetic amino acids, hormones, by-products of animal slaughter and synthetic additives are given to livestock .....

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Care and Workers

Farm Fresh's animals are raised in impeccable and humane living conditions. We make sure that fruits and vegetables are cultivated in the most hygienic and scientifically appropriate manner. All staff undergo rigorous training to be fully equipped...

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MCN Farm Fresh procures live sand, rock and Maine lobster varieties, directly from fisheries along the coast of India, in order to deliver fresh and tender lobster meat to our consumers.

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